Career Assessment and Counseling

  • If you feel unfulfilled or dread going to work each day,  
  • If you feel your current career isn't a good fit,
  • If you feel you need a career change,
  • If you need guidance in choosing a college major? 

Career counseling can help you find direction and take charge of your professional life and future.  This guidance can help one feel more confident in the steps they are taking, ultimately leading to a happier work life.  

We offer a career assessment and counseling package that includes the following:

  • Career consultation and interview.  
  • Aptitude and interest inventories, including personality assessment.   
  • Test results and written report (for you to keep)
  • Action plan development session

For more information, please contact Christine Jacobsen M.Ed., LPC-Intern or Lara M Allen MS, LPC-Supervisor.